GFA anxious to get FIFA Goal Project started

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada,  CMC – The Grenada Football Association (GFA) runs the risk of losing a FIFA funded Goal Project if the requisite documents are not available within the next two weeks.

The President of the Grenada Football Association (GFA) Cheney Joseph has confirmed that the project has been approved and the association is engaged in discussions with the relevant stakeholders regarding the latest development.

Joseph says the GFA is anxious to get the project started and is hopeful to meet all stipulated deadlines by the end of July.

“We cannot just sit by and expect things to happen just so, we must push to ensure all of the stipulated deadlines are met and on time,” said Joseph.

“I have asked the respective Chairpersons to work assiduously to meet these deadlines, we cannot sit and wait on government to it all by themselves, we must play our part in hastening the process,” Joseph lamented.

“If we fail to meet these deadlines and lose any of these projects we cannot blame anyone, we will have to blame ourselves.”

“I would hate to see us losing a chance to improve on our facilities, should this happen we would have failed every Grenadian especially the younger players who are most hungry for this project,” the GFA President stated.

Grenada is the recipient of two FIFA projects, the Fond Special Project and the FIFA Goal Project.

Joseph feels his stewardship has been good over the past three years and wants to request a third project once the two are completed.

“We are very fortunate to have two major FIFA projects awarded to our little island and this did not come as any hand shake, it took a lot of work to convince FIFA that we are making progress here in football.”

“We can either look at further expansion of the administrative building should we be eligible for a third FIFA Goal project or develop a beach soccer facility at our first Goal Project facility in Seamon, St. Andrew,” Joseph said.

GFA, which currently operates out of rented accommodation, now awaits a decision of government to make good on a promise to provide the titles to a parcel of land to be used for the construction of the project.

The GOAL Programme, Launched in 1999 by FIFA President Sepp Blatter, allows each member association of FIFA to receive funding for football development projects that respond to the special needs of their national associations.

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