Efforts moving apace to add sport to CAPE syllabus – UWI professor

Professor of Research, Measurement and Evalu-ation at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Dr Stafford Griffith says the initiative to add sport to the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) 2015 syllabus is a good move to intertwine education and Physical Education (PE) for all students.

At a brief lecture held yesterday at the Queen’s College auditorium, teachers, coaches, sport enthusiasts and

 Dr Stafford Griffith
Dr Stafford Griffith

other stakeholders participated in the forum facilitated by Dr Griffith who touched on the importance and development of sports as a major part of the CAPE curriculum. The proposed Physical Education and Sport Syllabus was discussed at the forum.

Dr Griffith has over 40 years of combined work experience in teaching, curriculum development, measurement and evaluation and project design, management and evaluation. He has held several senior administrative and technical posts in the Region, among them being Pro-Registrar of the Caribbean Examinations Council, according to UWI’s Mona Campus website.

When Stabroek Sport caught up with the UWI professor, he said that the session was based on feedback from stakeholders as they seek to merge the two disciplines – PE and Sport. He noted that adding sports to the CAPE syllabus has been in the making for years.

“This session was to take into account the development of this merger between sports and the CAPE syllabus, we realize that sports add great value to tourism, it also provides great opportunity to students,” he said.

According to Dr Griffith this endeavour will be tackled on a deeper basis as the CAPE council aims to add sport to the syllabus effective for the May-June 2015 period.

Demerara’s current National Under-19 Coach, Quason Nedd who was also at the forum said that adding PE to the CAPE roster will bring it to a higher level of education.

“Sports and Education is a good mix. It allows[a] person to be more professional and broaden their scope; giving individuals the opportunity to become sports doctors, lawyers among other professions that work along or deal directly with sport,” he said.

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