Workshop for cricket match scorers today

The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA), after a Captain’s Workshop held last weekend, will now host another session for potential and current cricket match scorers, today at 9:00hrs at the Muslim Youth Organisation Club (MYO), Woolford Avenue.

The clinic which is specifically facilitated to improve the all round aspects of scoring during matches, is set to develop both young and older persons involved in the fraternity of cricket to enable them to learn the proper procedures and techniques surrounding scoring.

Stabroek Sports spoke with Shaun Massiah, Chairman of the competitions committee of the GCA, who explained that the workshop was aimed at assisting persons who were currently involved in scoring at cricket matches or were interested in becoming a scorer, to come and learn the necessary steps to become a cricket match statistician.

This workshop is set to target young club cricketers as well as those who were currently involved in scoring at matches, along with all other members of the GCA.

The facilitator for this clinic is international cricket scorer, Linden Wilson.

All interested person are asked to report to the MYO club at 8:00hrs, for more information, contact can be made with GCA’s Shaun Massiah on 616-7240.

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