Rain or shine, rugby season starts today

After two months of inactivity, the local rugby season is scheduled to recommence today at the National Park rugby field.

“From now on its rugby whether it’s rain or shine”, president of the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), Peter Green told Stabroek Sport on Wednesday.

“The ground at the park is cut now so we will be looking to have rugby twice per week, we will mark off the field and get some 10s and 15s (rugby) off the ground”, Green added.

“We hired a brush cutter to get the job done and we will also put about four truckloads of sand in the soggy areas”.

So what is the aim for the rest of the season?

“The aim of the game right now is to get the under 19s and the seniors playing as much 15s and 10s rugby as possible then eventually the Banks Sevens at least by October”, said Green.

“The NACRA Sevens is coming up in November 9 and 10 in the Cayman Islands and we have to get back our title”.

So what were the national ruggers doing for the past two months?

Said Green “The players are currently involved in a lot of physical exercises and conditioning, they are in the gym hard at work as we speak”.

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