Ben Johnson to lead anti-doping campaign

TORONTO, Canada,  CMC – Former Jamaican born Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson is to lead a new anti-drugs campaign set to launch this month.

The disgraced sprinter will be promoting an anti-doping campaign called Pure Sport.

“Winning a gold medal and being the best in the world it cost me my reputation, my life,” Johnson said.

“I’m here to try and change that. I’m trying to clear the air and clear my part of life, trying to help future generations and future athletes, athletes of my calibre, who have tested positive, been in the same boat as me, trying to help them and say, ‘You’re not alone.’”

Johnson, who was stripped of his 1988 Olympic Games gold medal and world record in the 100 metres after testing positive for steroids, is hoping to convince young athletes to stay away from drugs in sports.

The highlight of the campaign will be the unfolding a giant signed petition in the Olympic Stadium in Seoul on September 24, the 25th anniversary of the race where Johnson beat American Carl Lewis.

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