BVA mini volleyball festival set for tomorrow

The Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA) will be staging a one day mini-v
volleyball festival for Primary schools and for grade seven students of secondary schools tomorrow at the Area “H” Ground in Port Mourant.

The festival is part of a project approved by the International Volleyball Federation FIVB and the Ministry of Education. A previous festival was held at the Berbice High School in July 2012 for schools in the New Amsterdam/Canje Education district.

The FIVB’s input is in the form of finance, special volleyballs for kids, volleyball nets and volleyball manuals for teachers.

The aim of the festival is to provide schoolchildren aged 9-13 with opportunities to enjoy volleyball, learn new skills, acquire habits of self-discipline, and learn to co-operate with others, while make new friends. The festival has received the permission of the Department of Education, Region 6 and the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) and is being facilitated by the BVA’s Treasurer, Godwyn Allicock, who is also the main facilitator. He will be assisted by senior BVA volleyball players in the area and the teachers from the participating schools.

The schools invited to participate are: Primary-Bohemia, Courtland, Cropper, Belvedere, Fyrish, Albion, Rose Hall Town, Port Mourant, Tain, Auchlyne and Secondary-Lower Corentyne, Port Mourant, JC Chandisingh, Corentyne Comprehensive, Manchester, and Winifred Gaskin.

At the conclusion of the festival all of the participating schools will receive two volleyballs for kids and a FIVB development volleyball net.

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