GFA Premier League Georgetown zone playoffs commence today

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Premier League Georgetown zone playoffs will commence today at the Tucville Community Centre ground with three fixtures.

Allocated five spots by the GFF, the Georgetown zone tourney will feature six teams competing in a league format for three remaining places.

Alpha United and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) have been awarded automatic berths.

The automatic placements were awarded following Alpha’s triumph in the GFF Super League 2012/2013 season and GDF’s win in the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) President Beer League 2013.

In the feature contest of the opening night at 20:00hrs, Pele FC will engage Riddim Squad in what promises to be open and exciting matchup.

Pele, marshalled by their foursome of Shemroy Arthur, Keoma Gravesande, Okeene Fraser and Dirk Archer, will have their work cut out when they oppose the band of brothers, the Hopes, Stewarts and the Ramsays come kick off time.

Barry Myers, coach of the Pele side in an invited comment said: “We are not underestimating any one. We are expecting a good game because they play good football and are a formidable side and the crowd will get their money’s worth.

“We are going out there to win because we are looking to be at the top of the table at the end of the competition and not just to qualify,” added Myers.


Coach of the Riddim Squad unit Lloyd Millington in a pre match comment said: “To be honest preparation is not as it should have been but nevertheless we will come out and give it our all tomorrow.

“We see every game as an opportunity to put the team in a better position in terms of sponsorship and recognition and nothing other than a win is expected” said Millington.

In the mid-card fixture, Campbellville side Camptown FC tackles Santos FC at 18:00hrs while arch rivals resume physicality’s when home side Fruta Conquerors FC tackles BK Western Tigers in the opening game at 16:00hrs.

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