Greaves reaches new heights in dream year

To say that national star rider, Alanzo Greaves is having a remarkable year would be a massive understatement.

The season’s most successful cyclist, who tied the knot with his fiancée last Saturday, triumphed in three races in the United States of America as well as 13 local events and is currently spearheading Guyana’s charge at the annual Bigi Bergi four-stage road race in Suriname.

“I’m blessed! This year has been a dream year for me,” the Roraima Bikers Club cyclist told Stabroek Sport yesterday.

Alanzo Greaves basking in the glory of success.
Alanzo Greaves basking in the glory of success.

“First I have to thank God for giving me the strength and the blessing this year, but there are many reasons why I am having a great season.

“I am successful because of the renewed dedication and focus on the saddle, everything has fallen into place, training wise, nutrition wise, sponsorship wise and family wise all of them contributed to my success, my head is settled and I am stress free.”

The 24 year-old, who is currently carrying home trophies faster than he can find room for them, stated that he is now afforded the luxury of an improved diet, training regimen and sponsorship that has immensely contributed to his success locally and internationally.

“Last year I was working and I did not have enough time to train in the mornings and in the afternoons but this year I am able to train twice per day, morning and afternoon.”

The star cyclist who is endorsed by Digicel added:“To me in cycling you have to have adequate rest, training, nutrition and most importantly sponsorship, to do excellently you have to have backing, once you have that your mindset is free.

“I don’t have to think about how I’m getting wheels or helmets or shoes, once sponsorship is on board you have a relaxed mindset and that helps you to perform at a higher standard.”

Looking ahead, the talented rider told this publication that when he returns from Suriname on Monday, he will be looking to dominate the annual Five-Stage Road race, the Senior Caribbean Cycling Championships, the Digicel Cancer Awareness event and the Troy Humphrey Memorial race to end the season on a triumphant note.

“When I complete this tour in Suriname, hopefully I want to dominate the Five-Stage, after that it’s the Caribbean championships in October in Curacao, when I get back from there I want to win the Digicel Cancer Awareness race and then the Troy Humphrey Memorial, after that I sign off for the season.”

After off season training, Greaves will look to perform at an optimum level at the Caribbean and Central America (CAC) and the Commonwealth Games next year.

“Next year is a big year for me because I will be competing at the CAC Games in Mexico in July and then the Commonwealth Games in Poland and as usual my aim is to win.”

Greaves also stated that he will also travel to USA for training stints before the CAC and the Commonwealth Games because according to the national rider “to do good you have to be out of the country, you cannot do good in those races training here in Guyana.”

The celebrated rider also thanked his family, Digicel who sponsored his USA one-month stint in May and other supporters for his success.


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