Chris Gayle labels Usain Bolt Jamaica’s biggest ambassador

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates,  CMC- Chris Gayle, arguably the world’s leading T20 batsman, has described countryman Usain Bolt as Jamaica’s biggest ambassador on the global stage.

“Words cannot explain what he (Bolt) has done for Jamaica and the world,” said Gayle during an interview with  yesterday.

“He has rewritten history.”

The fastest man on the planet has established himself as legend by becoming the first male sprinter to retain the Olympic 100 and 200-metre gold, achieved in London last year.

Bolt also boasts the highest tally of sprint medals at the World Championships surpassing American Carl Lewis in quality.

“I am really happy for him. I have heard him speaking about how he trains etc, and hope youngsters can take a leaf out of him,” said Gayle.

“I hope he can go on to do bigger things. Everywhere you go, you hear people say Usain Bolt, Usain Bolt now. He has done wonders for Jamaica.”

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