Guyana U19 team to be encamped ahead of Bangladesh visit

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) yesterday named 16 players to be encamped ahead of the visit of the Bangladesh U19 cricketers to Guyana.

The Bangladesh team will compete against the West Indies U19 selection in seven ODI matches from October 7 to 21.

They are also scheduled to play a Guyana U19 team in a limited overs match on October 5 at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground.

According to a press release from the GCB, the Guyana squad, which will be encamped from October 2 to 4 will be managed by David Black and coached by Adrian Amsterdam.

The 16 Guyana players who will be encamped are Ricardo Peters, Ryan Shun, Kamesh Yadram, Shawn Pereira, Sharaz Ramcharan, Kemol Savory, Vishal Narayan, Steven Sankar, Henry Greene, Martin Pestano-Bell, Romario Shepherd, Kemo Paul, Shailendra Shameer, Ricardo Mohamed, Shivram Persaud and Bernard Bailey.







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