BCB accusing GCB of unfair play

-Sanasie says not so

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) is accusing the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) of unfair play by refusing to give the BCB any subvention which has resulted in the board coming under immense financial constraints.

According to a press release from the BCB, the GCB is deliberately attempting to marginalize Berbicians but the BCB is nevertheless forging ahead with its plans for the good of the game and its players.

“Since 2010, the BCB has not received any assistance, financial or otherwise from the GCB, a subsidiary of the West Indies Cricket Board,” the release stated.

Anand Sanasie
Anand Sanasie

“Despite the challenges we face (no subvention or any form of assistance from GCB and by extension WICB), we have done well. Corporate Guyana has been very kind to us and this has encouraged and motivated the BCB to strive for more success,” the release stated.
The BCB stated that in 2008 at the GCB elections the BCB voted against the combination of Chetram Singh/Anand Sanasie which combination won.

The BCB stated that in July 2010, under Singh/Sanasie the GCB held elections which the BCB again boycotted, citing financial irregularities and the absence of sister board, the Demerara Cricket Board while in 2012, the GCB held elections and did not invite the BCB to participate.

“The GCB has failed to organize or promote cricket countrywide. There are no national club competitions at all levels and that has been so for the longest while. The same GCB now wants to dictate who should promote cricket tournaments in Berbice. Cricket will always be played in our county,” stated the release.

The BCB said that despite the present state of affairs with the GCB it took a decision not to prevent its cricketers from fulfilling their potential and representing Guyana and the BCB participated fully in all GCB trials and inter county competitions to give their players an opportunity to be eligible to represent Guyana and the West Indies.

“Since 2010, it must be noted that Berbice has produced more Guyanese in West Indies teams than any other county. The players are Gudakesh Motie – Kanhai and Shimron Hetmyer – under 19, Shemaine Campbell, Tremayne Smartt and Sabrina Munroe – female, Verasammy Permaul, Assad Fudadin and Narsingh Deonarine – A team, Devindra Bishoo, Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin and Verasammy Permaul – senior, “stated the release.

The BCB release also stated that recently the Albion Cricket Club – an affiliate of the BCB had apparently joined with the GCB.
The BCB, the release stated “treats Albion CC no different from the other clubs in Berbice. Only recently, they were the recipients of proceeds raised from the Guyana Independence T20 Cup 2013.

“The Government of Guyana will soon be installing lights at Albion and it is our hope that they wisely select a committee to run the facility or else it will surely not serve its intended purpose.”

Contacted for a comment secretary of the GCB Anand Sanasie said that
The GCB has not received any cooperation from the BCB.

Sanasie said it seems strange that the BCB would write concerning  subvention from a body they do not recognize.
“On numerous occasions the BCB has gone on record to say that they do not recognize the GCB. On two occasions they have gone to Court.

“In Berbice the democratic process is not happening. Mental Hospital is still voting as a club and it is not true that the BCB sent players to all the trials and inter county competitions organized by the GCB.”

Nevertheless Sanasie said that the GCB was willing to reconcile its differences with the BCB.
“The GCB has a mandate for its members to develop cricket and is forging ahead to develop cricket. We will work closely with anyone who share the views and adheres to the democratic process of the GCB. We are willing to reconcile any differences as early as possible,” he declared.

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