SVG football chief says federation’s funds can be accounted for

KINGSTOWN, St.Vincent, CMC- St.Vincent and the Grenadines football chief, Venold Coombs, has strongly refuted suggestions that about 200,000 dollars of the federations funds cannot be accounted for.

Coombs’ declaration comes after the federation’s auditors, BDO, requested evidence of how the funds were used.

Auditors have asked for “documentation supporting disbursements” of $95,205 of the Federation’s money and “details of deposits, including source documents, totalling $106,838” to one of the Federation’s accounts.

“Auditors always ask for information when they are doing work. It is nothing new,” Coombs told I-Witness News.

“I have been in all kinds of organizations, government, statutory bodies and all kinds of different things and auditors ask all the time for statement…”

In August, a letter from the auditors to the General Secretary of the Federation, said the documents have been repeatedly requested as part of the audit procedure but the failure to provide them has resulted in a delay in completing the audit.

However Coombs has insisted that the federation’s finance are in order.

“Every single thing at the bank is above board. And you can corroborate this with the treasurer because you cannot withdraw any money without two signatures,” said Coombs, the president of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF).

“You have past presidents allowed one signature … but not this executive here…” Coombs said.

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