Pakistan court orders board to elect chairman on Nov. 2

KARACHI, (Reuters) – The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will hold polls for its new chairman under the supervision of an election commission on Nov. 2, the Islamabad High Court said in an order yesterday.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last week appointed an interim management committee to run cricket affairs in the country following constitutional and legal issues surrounding the election of former PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf.

“The court has ordered that the elections for the post of PCB chairman should be held on Nov. 2,” PCB’s legal advisor, Tafazzul Rizvi, told Reuters.

“The court has also ordered that the election commission of Pakistan will conduct and supervise the elections.”

The interim committee will continue to function until next month’s elections.

A person contesting for the post of the PCB chairman must at least be a graduate and should have played first-class cricket, the court has directed.

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