Cream of the nation’s cyclists for Payless programme Saturday

National Cycling Coach Hassan Mohamed will resume his cycling calendar on Saturday at the National Park with the staging of the second annual Payless Variety Store 11-race cycle programme.

The event is scheduled to pedal off at 9.00am and is expected to attract the cream of the nation’s wheelsmen.

Saturday’s main race will see the top juniors and seniors like defending champion, Robin Persaud, the inform Alanzo Greaves, national road race champion, Raynauth Jeffrey, Hamzah Eastman, Albert Philander, Michael Anthony, Paul DeNobrega and others going wheel-to-wheel in the Invitational 35-lap event.

Robin Persaud
Robin Persaud
Hassan Mohammed
Hassan Mohammed

Other categories scheduled to be contested are the 12 to 14 years boys and girls (3 laps), veterans under-50 years (5 laps), veterans over-50 years (5 laps), veterans over-60 years (5 laps), juveniles (10 laps), upright cyclists (5 laps), BMX boys open (3 laps), BMX boys 12 to 14 years (3 laps), BMX boys 9 to 12 years (3 laps) and BMX boys 6 to 9 years (3 laps).

Persaud, who won 15 races last year, sprinted to top honours in the inaugural edition in one hour, 18 minutes and 42 seconds.

Other category winners for 2012 were: Raul Leal (Juveniles), Junior Niles (Veteran) and Alfie Soonaram (12-14 Boys and Girls).

Representatives of the store will be on hand to distribute the prizes to the top participants.

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