Florida softball team due Tuesday

The South Florida Softball Cricket League (SFSCL) will be arriving in Guyana on Tuesday to play in the Guyana Softball Cup 111 tournament.

The team will be led by first time captain Masood Mohamed and managed by Ramzan Roshanali with assistance from Zameer Mangroo.

Sal Hussain, president of SFSCL is also expected to attend the championships.

The SFSCL team is made up of a number of all rounders including the league MVP Kayume Mohamed, Ramesh Persaud, Keshan Budhna, Anoop Basdeo and Vivian Khan.

The batting will be led by wicket-keeper Ravi Persaud (OJ), Randy Narainasami, Nazim Ali and Vishal Singh while the bowling attack will be spearheaded by Mark Mukhlall, Ramesh Persaud and Masood Mohamed among others.

Accordigng to a press release the team says it intends to wrest the championship cup away from defending champions New York.

The team also said it wanted to thank Zameer Mangroo and Ramzan Roshanali, the honorary consul, Guyana consulate in Miami for their assistance in getting the team, to participate in what promises to be an exciting tournament in Guyana.






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