Cricket chief outraged at vandalism of Sir Viv’s monument

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC- Antigua and Barbuda’s cricket chief, Zorol Barthley, has reacted with outrage after one of the monuments of the country’s lone living national hero, Sir Vivian Richards, was vandalized.

Barthley has blasted the vandalism of the monument as “disgraceful” and “offensive” and said it’s an indication of a lack of national pride.

The monument, located on Sir Vivian Richards Street – not far from the house in which the cricket legend was raised – was recently damaged.

“Our society is very wanting in that regard and it is shameful, disgraceful that someone would damage things that display our history, accomplishments and positive contributions to Antigua & Barbuda, the region and the world,” Barthley was quoted in the Observer newspaper as saying.

“Sir Viv is an internationally known legend.”

A sign recently posted on the area where the bust was erected, reads, “removed for repairs due to vandalism.”

Barthley, president of the Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA), says he is not calling on residents to “worship” the legend or monuments erected to pay tribute to his life.

However he wants people to simply be respectful of people’s contributions to society and historical sites.

Barthley suggests that authorities might need to erect fencing to protect the structure.

“It’s a shame we’d have to resort to doing that.” he added.

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