Eight Guinness street football games on today

The Guinness Greatest of the Streets Georgetown Zone continues today at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac on Hadfield Street and Mandela Avenue with eight fixtures.

In the opening fixture at 19:00hrs, Festival City will face off with North Sophia while national champions Back Circle will engage North East La Penitence from 19:30hrs.

At 20:00hrs, Stevedore Housing Scheme will engage Norton Street West while North-Last Entrance will face off with Berlin Massive from 20:30hrs. Broad Street-B will then tackle Laing Avenue from 21:00hrs whilst Tucville will face off with Riverview from 21:30hrs.


In the final two fixtures of the evening, Durban Street will oppose Bent Street from 22:00hrs and East La Penitence will battle Alexander Village at 22:30hrs.




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