Drama Queens present ‘Love and Madness’

Drama Queens Productions, which is a new production company in Guyana, will stage ‘Love and Madness’ at the Theatre Guild Playhouse on June 22.

According to co-founder, Lloyda Nicholas Garrett, the company was born when she and two other young women recognised that their own lives were filled with personal crises that they were rising above. They started referring to themselves as ‘Drama Queens’. Since all three were already performers, it was no surprise when they recognised the potential for branding a unified name for themselves; thus Drama Queens Productions was born.

The other two ‘drama queens’ are Leslyn Fraser who is a dancer, actress and television personality and Tashandra Inniss, an actress, stage manager and playwright. Lloyda is an actor, spoken word artist and writer.

‘Love and Madness’, which is sponsored by GT&T’s Mobile Money, will also serve as the launching of the production enterprise.

According to a press release, ‘Love and Madness’ is a comedic drama ensemble production of skits, monologues, music and dance all in the theme of the show. The skits have been written by the members of the company and explore the variety of crazy circumstances that occur all in the name of love. It is a show that anyone who has been in love can relate to. It explores themes related to love, sex and relationships.

The release describes the show as “out of the box and unlike any other current stage productions in Guyana as it fearlessly tackles those themes that we can all relate to.” The intent is that the audience will leave the theatre laughing at themselves, having seen their own lives on stage but also asking themselves, what is love really? Dance choreography and the selection of music will also be designed to fit the theme and link the skits, telling the story of the madness that we call love.

The production is for adults only – scenes, commentary and contents are not appropriate for children and so they will not be let in the theatre.

The all-star cast includes Sonia Yarde, Kijana Lewis, Mark Kazim, Mark-Luke Edwards, Nirmala Narine, Sean Thompson, Randolph Critchlow, Jamal La Rose and of course, the ‘drama queens’.

Tickets cost $2,000 and are available at West Indian Sports Complex, Robb Street. The show starts at 8 pm sharp.

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