New Indian dance troupe launches with show at Duke Lodge

Fresh, new dances are expected to up the ante on the local scene this and tomorrow evening as the Abhinaya Dance Troupe is launched with an Indian cultural show at the Roraima Duke Lodge, Kingston.

The troupe’s choreographer Sharda Mohabir promises a great show with an entire Guyanese production of Indian dances; specifically classical, semi-classical, folk and bhangra. There will be no Chutney or West Indian music at the event, purely Bollywood and classical Indian melodies. She revealed that it is the troupe’s intention to make the show an annual event.

The show features Gail Ann Singh, winner of the 2012 Guyana Star Jingle and Song Competition, Bollywood segment and proceeds will go towards the development of the new dance troupe.

Tickets can be bought for $2,500 at the entrance of Duke Lodge. The show starts promptly at 7.30 pm/19:30hrs and to round out the culture aspect there will be on sale Indian cuisine and a bar.

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