The Princess of theatres

The Princess Hotel and Casino has once again made its name a headliner in Guyana with an international entertainment centre which includes an arcade of hundreds of games, two fully functional theatres and even a 7D Theatre.

20130629boxAll under the name ‘Fun City’, the whole enterprise, never before seen in Guyana, really knocks out the other pretenders to wholesome family entertainment.

Avinash Theatres’ promised massive entertainment complex has not been completed to date and now 20 or more patrons are required for the movie to start. Movies are known to start late or not show at all and of course there are the issues of uncomfortable seats and lack of attendants in the actual theatre to ensure proper public etiquette by attendees.

All of these little quirks, reported in Culture Box’s review of Avinash Theatres, are non-existent in the Princess’ theatres; so, kudos to the Princess management for bringing international standards. Now for the actual review:

Ticket Booth and Attendants

This is perhaps the only issue I had. The ticket prices are $1,500 for adults and $1,000 for children, which are actually value for money and compare favourably with international pricing.

But one should not have to walk up to the ticket booth to hear “We are full to capacity and you are recommended to purchase tickets at least a few hours to a day before screening.” Really? Why not put the words “purchase tickets in advance” in the advertisements? Oh well, at least there is a whole floor of games to make up for that disappointment.

When I say the atmosphere is grand, it really is. You enter the door and go up the escalator to be greeted with dazzling lights and a beautifully decorated foyer where the games compete for space.

Back to the theatre, although I had a ticket this time, there was still a line to enter. Lines are always irritating but this one moved quickly. The attendants were nicely dressed, friendly, but a little tired.


The seats are cushioned and comfy and the aisles are definitely not cramped.

And these people do not kid, when they say they’ll start a movie at 21:00hrs, they start the movie at that time. And mind you, Pain and Gain is the movie I paid to see and that was the actual movie screened. Sound quality, banging! You even felt the little vibrations. Visual – huge screen with excellent and sharp quality. Watching Pain and Gain in that atmosphere was cool, yet somehow warm.

Based on my experience and in the opinion of those who accompanied me, Princess Hotel Theatres have an 85% approval rating. (Jairo Rodrigues)

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