Guyana Fashion Week aiming to flow

Guyana Fashion Week (GFW) is apparently aiming to be as fluid as its water theme this year as its final audition set for tomorrow at the Water Chris Hotel from 2 pm to 5 pm flows into its official launch on August 4 at Herdmanston House.

There is nary a sign of the feverish preparation that must be going on behind the scenes. Yet, a mere glimpse of the list gives a sense that it is.

20130727blue and yellowAccording to a press release from GFW, the activities that comprise the event include designing; modelling; makeup artistry; hair styling; performing, visual, and culinary arts among other things.

Meantime, it said, an influential network of associations involved in art direction; photography; set design; graphic arts; event coordination; production management; public relations/communications administration; hospitality services; lighting and sound; wardrobe planning; garment manufacture; scripting; feature writing and salesmanship are all part of the creative powerhouse behind the event.

GFW Chief Executive Officer Sonia Noel was quoted as saying that GFW has become a hallmark occasion and the next stage is critical for the development of the local fashion industry. “I must commend those companies that are contributing to the growth of the young creative sector and I would like to encourage others to join us to continue to build the industry that can contribute to our economy,” she added.

The release said GFW is more than a festival of fashion, designed to position fashion wares for sale, export and networking. It noted that it has always sought to enlist young creative minds in productive activity, within the cultural industry, geared towards initiating career opportunities.

GFW has been able to successfully harness, unearth and steer hidden talent through its multi-faceted programmes. Its volunteer department involves youth in mobilising social campaigns and environmental issues, the release said.

Indeed, GFW is about style, fashion, beauty and the arts, the release said. However, it is also about validating the creative industry as integral to economic diversification which is pivotal moving the country forward.

Sonia Noel (third, right) and team on a site visit at Herdmanston Lodge this week. Also in photo are Russell Lancaster (second, right) and Meleesa Payne (right)
Sonia Noel (third, right) and team on a site visit at Herdmanston Lodge this week. Also in photo are Russell Lancaster (second, right) and Meleesa Payne (right)

The release made special mention of Courts Guyana, pointing to its “incisive and dedicated approach to youth empowerment in Guyana, through its active and hands-on involvement” with Guyana Fashion Week, over the years.

It quoted Courts Marketing Manager Pernell Cummings as saying, “Courts Guyana Ltd is happy to support young talent in the creative industries.

This partnership with Sonia Noel and Guyana Fashion Week goes beyond this event because furniture is fashion. Events like these give young people a chance to develop in the fashion industry.”

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