I know I said last week that it was the perfect time for pizza, well what about ice cream? During the review in December last year, it was raining a lot and ice-cream was the last thing on my mind. But with school out and Christmas approaching, ice-cream parlours were chock-o-block with happy customers.

20130803boxEach parlour was reviewed based on Environment, Customer Service, Efficiency and Food with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. This one was hard because there were so many different flavours of ice-cream! So I substituted food/taste with presentation.



Everything your friends told you about Brusters is absolutely true! It is a whole new experience. Brusters has so many different mixtures, flavours, styles and types, I was instantly both confused and mesmerised. But I kept it simple and ordered a New York Cheesecake and by simple I meant sexy.

The ice cream isn’t just scooped up and given to you, it is handmade. My eager eyes followed the staff to see any faults, anything that would make my lips curl in disgust – nothing. They didn’t even talk much, the cashier was laughing with me as I waited at the side. I was making conversation but little did she know I was waiting for her to say one wrong thing.

The ice-cream was done in a few minutes and my mouth dropped! Glistening in a bowl were waffles and Vanilla ice-cream with cheesecake crusts. It really was indescribable and like nothing I had ever tasted.

After climbing a mountain of stairs, I sat in one of the high chairs along with people eating solo like me. I barely had a seat because the place was packed. Looking out the window I could see that this was hardly the environment for the faint-hearted. Brusters is in the middle of a car/bus park area. There was a never ending stream of vehicles, people and music going by. The thick window blocked that out, but I knew parking was going to be impossible. I sat with my cheesecake ice cream and watched Madagascar on the plasma set, never wanting to leave.

Environment: 3, Customer Service: 4, Efficiency: 4, Presentation: 5. Total Review: 4 Stars.


Red Cherry

A week later, I walked into Red Cherry expecting the place to be packed with holiday shoppers, but this parlour was as barren as the Sahara. No problem for me, I can sit anywhere and don’t have to join any lines. I went to the cashier and saw they serve typical and plain flavours you can pick up at a supermarket. I ordered a Banana Milkshake instead, to match my disappointment.

The cashier was not friendly; she was not unfriendly either. It was as though she was there just to do her job. Well, a job is a job and she was doing hers so now I am doing mine.

The inside of the parlour was a step up from Brusters: comfortable and cheery, spacious and screens to entertain. Perhaps the place was empty because it was noon in the middle of the week. The chair (or stool) was placed in a nice cosy corner. I expected a grand presentation but got a chilly cup with my shake inside; no cherries, no whirls or decoration; not even napkins – just a straw stuck in the whipped concoction with a few sprinkles.

Another customer walked in and as she opened the door, a strong wind blew the stench of the Lamaha Street trench in. My God! That reminded me that I was in Georgetown, so acting like a tourist I gobbled down the shake till my brain cried with pain, got up, said thank you and left.

Environment: 3, Customer Service: 2, Efficiency: 3, Presentation: 2. Total Review: 2.5 Stars.



Literally the hottest place to eat ice-cream in town

during the day, seriously! In the humid December weather, it was not a good idea to sit outside. But it’s the only choice you have if you want to eat at the place.

I went there on Christmas Eve expecting a little competition; none whatsoever.  Apart from the decorations, it was as July as it could possibly get.

Edy’s flavours are also limited, so I asked for free samples of three or four flavours, trying to get the employee to ask if I was ready to order but she kept scooping me more with a smile. I finally took a long pause and picked – strawberry, as simple as it gets.

And just so, the strawberry was scooped in a cup and handed to me… A CUP; with a napkin hugging it and a little plastic spoon. I must commend the staff. The ice-cream was delicious too and I know the price had to do with importation taxes but they should really invest in making the franchise a little more welcoming.

Environment: 2, Customer Service: 4, Efficiency: 4, Presentation: 2. Total Review: 3 Stars.


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