Meet the Miss Guyana Talented Teen hopefuls

The nine young women vying for the Miss Guyana Talented Teen title and crown, along with a chance to represent Guyana at the Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant are:

201308171823chelsiefranceChelsie France
Chelsie is proud to be wearing the sash of Miss Enmore, paying homage to the martyrs who fought for what they believed in. This student of Tutorial High School has her sights set on becoming a lawyer and has a keen interest in the performing arts. She sings, dances, reads, listens to music among other things. Chelsie supports the Mahaica Children’s home.

201308171823romichellebrummelRomichelle Brummel
Romichelle is wearing the sash of Linden. This young lady wants to become a forensic doctor. She likes reading, writing poems, singing and playing hockey.  She admires the work the Guyana Red Cross Society is doing and she even volunteers at the children’s home run by the Red Cross.

201308171823janasieklassJanasie Klass
Janasie is an 18-year-old who has her sights set on the medical profession.  She likes to read and she likes to interact with others. Janasie has an interest in dramatic poetry and likes to dance to soca and salsa.

201308171823tiffanyfergusonTiffany Ferguson
Tiffany is an 18-year old who loves to dance. Tiffany is representing Plaisance, the village of her ancestors. She supports any organisation that pleads the cause of the poor and loves to listen to the R & B singer Ne-Yo. Tiffany is proud of the accomplishments of some of our people and thinks that Guyana is blessed with many natural wonders.

201308171823tiffanibonnerTiffani Bonner
Tiffani, who is a student of Tutorial High School  is 15 years old and represents Peters Hall. She aspires to have a career in fashion as a model/designer and likes to sing and dance.  She is concerned with drug abuse among teenagers and advises that they say “No”

201308171823reonnahowellReonna Howell
Reonna wears the sash of Liliendaal. She is a 16-year old who aspires to be a nurse in the next six years.  She is currently a member of National Dance School and enjoys singing and acting as well.

201308171823crystalfraserCrystal Fraser
Crystal is a 15-year-old student of St. John’s College who has hopes of becoming a lawyer. She has a passion for singing and loves hip-hop. Crystal believes it’s always good to lend a helping hand so she volunteers at the Guyana Red Cross home for children.

201308171823greshawnaclementGreshawna Clement
Greshawna is a 16-year-old Tutorial High School Student who wants to become a lawyer and an entertainer. She likes singing, dancing, reading, acting and listening to music. She has been a student at the National School of Dance for the last 11 years. Greshawna chose to represent the village of Victoria, as she remembers the struggle of the Africans who bought land and established there.

201308171823onicaroseOnica Rose
Onica never walks when she can run. She is a 16-year old student of the Bishops’ High School who likes to model. Onica will be proud to represent Lethem and she will be performing a dramatic piece for the competition.

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