Classique in the Spotlight

Following its tradition of hosting an annual end-of-year production, Classique Dance Company and a few of its Friends present Spotlight next Saturday, December 7 the National Cultural Centre.

Company director Clive Prowell guarantees an unforgettable show that will be sure to highlight what his dance company is known for – dance without boundaries. “This year we’re catching on all the different styles of dance. We dubbed the show ‘Spotlight’ because we want to showcase everything,” he said.

For two full hours, 38 dancers will take to the stage in 32 dance items ranging from Afro-Caribbean, jazz, contemporary, modern and what is good old Guyanese Classique’s without dancehall. Prowell said this range is sure to balance the show with different styles the company is showcasing.

20131130classiqueBut it’s not just dance. Spotlight will also feature singers Jackie Hanover, Tennicia DeFreitas and Ryan Hoppie; dramatists from the Theatre Guild who go under the name ‘The Reactors’; poetry from Nuriyyih Gerrard and Ruqayyah Boyer and comedians Liza Singh, popularly referenced as Radika and Kwesi Edmondson.

According to the director, “We small but we tallawah” – using a Jamaican term to reference Classique’s supreme entertainment value.

He continued, “Classique is a foundation for greater things but no matter how you twist and turn it, dance will live till the end.”

Tickets cost $2000 and $1500 and are available at the National Cultural Centre or at the Classique Dance Studio, 49 Hadfield Street. Show starts at 20:00hrs.

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