Some real cocaine scenarios

-Mannie and Maimoom own the Marriott

A few columns ago I took you all to GUYISLE, that independent state off the five Guianas Shield. I revealed why the opposition representatives of thousands of Guyisle’s citizens encouraged them to support government projects and events, even when the corruption characteristics of those happenings are known. The opposition argues that its own professionals should also benefit from their taxes or from investment in their name.

Today I must return to this country GUYISLE. Because the numerous tales of cocaine trafficking on Guyisle, told to me one evening by fellows from Guyisle, are stories quite likely to be encountered right here in Guyana. The stark similarities are already evident. And they are scary, intimidatory, even deadly, as greedy persons with no morality, values or soul, seek wealth from death.

The Guyisle fellows, knowledgeable in these cocaine capers, included retired members of policing groups similar to our CID, CANU and BASS. Poor, still innocent me. I was aghast at the crude insensitivity and disrespect for humans employed by the agents of the Drug Trade, as they engineer their now very sophisticated and scientific business across continents

The skill sets at Physics and Chemistry especially the latter, are testimony to the trade’s ability to employ the qualified and the experienced.



Banko, bath towels,babies and bodies

To hear the foreigners speak and my Guyanese pals concur was breath–taking. The Cocaine Trade is criminality personified by evil, though the protagonists do not acknowledge “evil” – or even “wrong”.

We in Guyana are now agonizingly aware of the numerous innocent consumer items used to take drugs to overseas “markets”. (My airline friends could recount a few other items rarely reported.) Much chemical procedures get the original powdery cocaine recovered from liquids. From Banko Wine to Rum to “Tonics” to condiments. Same for towels and other fabrics soaked in liquefied coke.

Since this piece is not intended to promote the use or techniques employed to recover the disguised drug, I’ll skip what I was told of the chemistry – the alkaloid, the heat and the free– base–to– crack product so sought after in final destinations.

When my stomach churned violently at the tales of Colombians’ and Mexicans’ sometimes use of dead babies and adult bodies (corpses/cadavers) I recall Jamaican involvement with a corpse at a Linden mortuary years ago and my Contractor friend telling me to “research” the “incidence” of headless corpses in tombs in a West Demerara graveyard. Oh my once – lovely Guyana! The depths to which some sink to reach the heights of wealth.

Now, when I hear and read of the “small” courier/mule being fingered at Timehri, Ogle or Moleson Creek; when I feel for the international stigma attached to me and other innocent Guyanese air travellers; when I wonder at Customs/Immigration and airline alleged involvement in the Cocaine Drug Trade and speculate at some rags–to–riches new rich – and the expanding wealth of the established middle–class, I am forced to conclude that another national taint is our rapidly consistent decline into a narco–state.

We’re nearly there GUYISLE has nothing much on us, when it comes to this lucrative evil.



Poverty too owns Brassington’s Marriott


I’m told that the real Marriott folks get by well, just by lending their brand to poor people’s hotels and, also, through their excellent management expertise. In that verifiable context then, I will dare to welcome a Roberto Grisi who will be manager, generally, for our Guyana Marriott.

It is this Robbie who will be the first to manage the interest of the owners of the Kingston Marriott High Rollers Casino rooms, restaurant, bars and entertainment. The investors – Chinese and Guyanese – should be now assured. Speaking of the Guyanese…

It occurs to me that I and my poverty–line, working–class, taxpaying villagers, Harry, Harriet, Mannie, Maimoom, Rakesh, Chin and Bibi, also own a portion of that soon–to–be five–star edifice. Super Salesman and Business–Investment Czar, Winston Brassington saw to it! Recent, long–overdue advertisements advise that government’s holding company NICIL has invested US$4M in Marriott shares and has loaned the AHI company another US$15.5M. Since Mr. Brassington and his government–company won’t use their own (considerable) funds, it is Guyanese tax dollars which have a US$19.5M stake in this dubious investment. Before we return to other implications, I ponder one preliminary question: will the working–class taxpayer be really able to afford any part of that Marriott? Or will special occupants and high roller gamblers ensure Mannie’s investment bears profitable fruit? Mannie, Maimoom, Muriel and I will demand to know.



Issues to ponder…

Should my heart go out to my erstwhile boss, poor Minister Frank Anthony? PPP polls put him among that Party’s top four favourites but his Ministry is now in the news for all the wrong reasons: NOC alleged sex abuse; cost overruns/delays with the new athletic track and swimming pool; correspondence to WICB Head resulting in WICB policy– arrogance; Caribbean Press crying out for independent audit; disclosures about Cricket World Cup (2007) and CARIFESTA Ten (2008) et al. Yes, my heart goes out! Until my own “audit” to come.

The Americans have to ensure that they find incorruptible D.E.A. Agents for their Georgetown Office. Guyanese barons and politicians can corrupt beyond belief! (Ask a former Canadian Consular Officer Thomas Carroll and Robert Simels!)

Ministers Persaud, Ali, Ramsammy and Ramsaran oversee Ministries that handle billions in money and natural resources. (You need trusted, qualified gentlemen for these responsibilities). And don’t underrate Ministers Rohee and Benn. All faithful/loyal, competent!

Veteran political figures testifying at the “Rodney Inquiry”, when giving evidence of some damning nature, must realize that their own activities then, will be scrutinised and analysed.

The blight continues? In the administration of our Cricket? Football? Basketball?

`Til next week


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