The pulling of the third Test Match from Guyana

Interviews and photos
by Dacia Whaul

This week the man and woman in the street shared their thoughts on the decision by the West Indies Cricket Board to pull the third Test of the New Zealand vs West Indies series from Guyana.

20140616robert herculesRobert Hercules, barber – ‘I say it is bad for business, because Guyanese really love cricket and were looking forward for that match. We don’t have much cricket in Guyana already. I also think that the authorities (government) should step down and leave the people in charge of cricket, to take charge. Leave the politics out.’







20140616pearl laynePearl Layne, retired teacher – ‘It is going to affect our economy at this juncture, when things are so rough. The match would have been good for business, especially the small man. Too much politics is involved. And many people were looking forward for the game here.’







20140616robert raeRobert Rae, taxi driver – ‘I don’t want the government to be involved in cricket. They (government), could get a new election if they got a problem and get new people to run the Guyana Cricket Board.’







20140616rosalyn phippsRosalyn Phipps, private sector employee – ‘People were looking forward to the cricket in Guyana, in spite that Guyana might be ranked low. It will affect the vendors who usually sell at the venue to earn a dollar though. I am hoping that the West Indies Cricket Board change their mind about the move.’







20140616errol williamsErrol Williams, pensioner – ‘The cricket board has their rules that no government interfere with cricket, and it is therefore the government’s fault that the match was pulled out from Guyana. They punishing the young cricketers.’







20140616michelle ramcharranMichelle Ramcharran, private sector employee – ‘I think it is good and bad in a way. Bad because, it will affect our tourism, in terms of Guyana being showcased. Good, in the sense, because the pull will give the Guyana Cricket Board, a chance to get themselves together.’







20140616enoch mooreEnoch Moore, tradesman – ‘It is very bad for Guyanese people, because cricket is a national sport for Guyana. It is also disturbing, because the youths need to see the international matches to see how they can better their cricket. Cricket brings us together.’







20140616michael parrisMichael Parris, 1980 Olympics boxing medallist for Guyana – ‘I think it is bad to take away cricket from Guyana. This is one of the places that you are sure to get crowd support. This might just dim the spirit of the many young cricketers here.’







20140616ramadhar singhRamadhar Singh, businessman and former organising secretary of the Guyana Softball Cricket Association – ‘The West Indies Cricket Board got to go through with their policy, but the move was vindictive, because they always putting pressure on Guyanese players. I don’t know why Guyana don’t put together a South American team and cricket would be better.’






20140616marieMarie Nelson, businesswoman – ‘They (government) want to make Guyana a tourism country and the move is bad for tourism. Now you need to put Guyana on the map, because not a lot of people know about Guyana. If we had the cricket match here, people would have been able to notice Guyana. They (government), need to resolve the problems with the Guyana Cricket Board.’


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