National flood control master plan needed – APNU

Main Opposition group APNU is calling on the PPP/C administration to urgently launch a comprehensive national flood control plan, saying its current response to monthly flooding is not financially or environmentally sustainable.

“APNU sees the development of such a plan and engagement with qualified persons who can assist in its formulation as a matter of urgency,” the group said in a press release. In pursuance of this objective, Leader of the Opposition David Granger, APNU Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister of Agriculture Dr Rupert Roopnaraine and Shadow Minister for Public Infrastructure Joseph Harmon met with a number of engineers and civic society members on Monday at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition to share ideas that could inform the said plan.

The group also said that “The PPP/C administration’s lack of a coherent response to the monthly flooding is economically and environmentally unsustainable, and the loss of household goods, domestic and agricultural equipment, livestock; destruction of farms and homes etc., demand an alternative strategy.”

Civic society members who attended the meeting were Bert Carter, Terry Fletcher, John Piggott, Anthony Vieira, Horace Nurse, Edward Gonsalves, Jocelyn Dow and Hamley Case, the press release said.


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