PNCR to seek probe of all police torture, shootings over last 20 years

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) today said that it will move to have every act of torture or shooting by the police over the last 20 years investigated.

This was one of the commitments made at the first General Council of the party for the year today. The PNCR is the main partner in the opposition coalition APNU. Both are led by Opposition Leader, David Granger.


The PNCR statement follows:

The first General Council of the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) was held today January 25th 2014 at the Party’s Headquarters, Congress Place, Sophia. Held under the theme-“achieving inclusive democracy and respect for workers through a social contract”, the General Council meeting was chaired by Chairman of the PNCR Mr. Basil Williams MP, who welcomed members and called on them to recommit themselves to working to overcome any challenges to a good life for the people of Guyana. In his remarks Williams made mention of the rampant poverty, youth employment and violent crime that continues to be pervasive in communities all across the nation. General Secretary of the PNCR Mr. Oscar Clarke gave a report on the work of the party secretariat and reports from the eleven party regions.

Mr. Clarke reported that training for local government elections were well advanced and charged party members to aggressively mobilise within their various districts and regions. The feature address was given by party leader

Brigadier David Granger. In his address Granger said that the PNCR was committed to inclusionary democracy and respect for workers. Towards this end he said that the party had declared 2014 Year for Workers and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU} had called for a social contract to promote national unity, ensure human safety and foster economic development. The party leader reminded the Council that the PNCR started as a working class party and pledged the party’s continued support for the working men and women in Guyana. Granger also said that APNU would advocate for the human rights of all Guyanese citizens. He said that the  Partnership will seek to have investigated every act of torture in the last 20 years; every shooting in the past 20 years; Brigadier Granger said “we (PNCR) will work  to protect the rights of persons who suffer police brutality and will not rest until there is  good governance.

Referring to the Year for Workers, Granger said that the People Progressive Party Civic (PPP-C) had damaged the labour movement in Guyana. He said “the PPP has divided the labour movement…and the PNCR will fight to reunite the labour movement.” The leader of the PNCR said that the country’s economic future lies in hands of the workers and Guyanese workers must be able to look forward to a better future, better wages and a good life in 2014.

General Council is the governing body and second highest decision making forum of the PNCR between Biennial Congresses and meets at least once every quarter of each year.



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