An elderly woman was found murdered in her home at South Amelia’s Ward Linden earlier this afternoon and police believe that she was a victim of a robbery gone bad.

The dead woman has been identified as Yvonne Adams, said to be in her seventies who was apparently strangled. She is a remigrant and had recently suffered a stroke.

According to what this newspaper was told she lived alone and when she was found rigor mortis had already set in.

Persons who are familiar with her said that she didn’t have any family living in the area.

Asked if where the woman lived was isolated a Linden resident responded that there are many houses nearby. Residents have expressed shock at the killing saying that within recent times there have been no reported break and enter incidents in the area.

The murder of this elderly woman comes on the heels of another which occurred earlier this week. Joyce Lewis aged 75 was found strangled in her North Ruimveldt home. It is suspected that she was also sexually assaulted.

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