The Ministry of Home Affairs has reported that its stray catching programme impounded a total of 1,080 animals for the first quarter of the year. This comprised 87 horses, 434 cows, 291 goats and 268 sheep.

The Georgetown unit impounded 450 animals from the following Divisions, A (69), C (198) and D (183), while the Berbice unit – B Division, accounted for 630 animals.

A press release also said that in March, the Georgetown and Berbice units conducted operations on the main roadways along the East Bank of Demerara in ‘A’ Division, the West Coast Berbice and Corentyne in ‘B’ Division, the East Coast of Demerara in ‘C’ Division, the West Bank and West Coast of Demerara and the East Bank of Essequibo, in ‘D’ Division.

A total of 334 animals were caught – 95 cows, 95 goats, 38 horses and 106 sheep.

The Georgetown unit impounded 52 cows, 43 goats and 40 sheep while the Berbice unit accounted for 38 horses, 43 cows, 52 goats and 66 sheep.

The ministry reminded cattle owners to ensure that their animals are branded so as to facilitate their retrieval after they are impounded.

It said that failing to do so will contravene Section 8 of the Cattle Stealing Prevention Act, Chapter 9:03 which states: “The owner of every horse, mare, gelding, colt, filly, mule, pony, ass, buffalo, bull, cow, ox, steer, heifer and calf shall cause it to be branded in the manner hereinafter provided within six months of its birth, or within twenty-eight days after becoming owner of it, and everyone who makes default in so doing shall be liable to a fine of not less than seven thousand five hundred dollars nor more than fifteen thousand dollars.”

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