Wanted man ‘Popcorn’ killed in shootout with police

Wanted man, Deodat ‘Popcorn’ Seecharran was shot dead around 11:30 pm on Sunday during an exchange of gunfire with police at Betsy Ground, East Canje.

Sources told Stabroek News that at the time of the shooting police were responding to a report that Seecharran, of Adelphi, Canje and another man were seen on bicycles in the area.

According to the source, the police “challenged them to stop,” but instead they opened fire on the ranks. They then dropped their bicycles and started running through a track with the police officers in hot pursuit.

Seecharran, who was hit to his head and left shoulder, collapsed to the ground. He was picked up and taken

to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His accomplice managed to elude capture.

Police said in a release that they recovered a haversack that contained ten .32 rounds, a stocking mask and camouflage pants along with the two bicycles.

Seecharran, of Adelphi, Canje was wanted in connection with the recent murder of Patricia Samaroo, 57, of Number 2 Road, Canje and the attempted murder of her sister, Annetta Samaroo, 45 at Fyrish, Corentyne on March 7.

Patricia Samaroo sustained a single gunshot wound to her head while her sister Annetta was shot to her abdomen after she recognised Seecharran and shouted his name.

Deodat ‘Popcorn’ Seecharran
Deodat ‘Popcorn’ Seecharran

He was also wanted for the murder of businessman, Devindra Deodat of Hampshire, Corentyne on February 10.

Deodat was shot to his chest, chopped to neck and hands and one of his fingers was severed in the attack at his home.

His father-in-law, Rafeek Abdul, called ‘King,’ 57, of Lot 63 Williamsburg, Corentyne, was shot twice to his shoulder when he rushed to the residence after learning that bandits were there. Deodat’s wife, Shaneeza, sustained chops to her skull.

On June 5, 2012 Seecharran had been charged with two counts of robbery under arms and was remanded to prison. He was granted bail in the sum of $300,000 on each charge August 22, 2012.

He was also one of four men who attempted to break into the home of a GuySuCo staffer, Rajendra Parsaram on December 9.

During that botched robbery, he was shot to his buttocks. His accomplices, Zafir Abdul, 22, of Adelphi Housing Scheme, Canje, was shot to his left hip and Keshwar Harrinarine, 31, of Fyrish was also shot to his  buttocks. Another partner was apprehended shortly after.

They had attempted to break into Parasram’s home but he was awakened by strange sounds and raised an alarm. The three men ran away, discharging a round in the direction of the house in the process.

Community Policing Group members in the area were alerted and mobilized themselves in search of the men.

The police were also informed and according to a statement, “responded quickly to the report received and while approaching the area on foot, they came under fire from the bandits who were in the compound of a Mandir in the vicinity.”

The police “returned fire but the men managed to escape from the compound and headed in the direction of the backdam area,” the statement had said.

The police said that back-up ranks were summoned and the police continued their pursuit of the men and caught up with them at the Betsy Ground Cemetery but the men again opened fire and the police responded, injuring all three men in the process. The suspected bandits were then rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital and were transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The police said that a number of shotgun pellets were recovered from Parasram’s house and a shotgun barrel along with an empty 12-gauge shotgun casing was found at the cemetery. Subsequent searches resulted in the stock and other parts of the 12-gauge shotgun used by the perpetrators being found in the Betsy Ground Cemetery.

Seecharran was charged on December 17, 2012 with attempting to commit burglary, three counts of discharging loaded firearm with intent, possession of firearm without licence and possession of ammunition without licence.

On August 13, 2013, he was placed on bail in the sum of $100,000 on each charge but he was unable to pay. The bail was reduced to $50,000 each on September 4, 2013 and he was subsequently released.

The police said that although “notices in relation to the dates of the continuing of the matters were sent,” Seecharran failed to return to court and the charges were consequently proceeded with ex parte.

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