Kidnapped auto dealer shot multiple times in head – PME

A post-mortem examination performed on kidnapped car dealer Rajendra Singh who was found dead in the Le Repentir Cemetery on Wednesday, has revealed that he died of multiple gunshots to the head.

Although the police have not disclosed how many times the man was shot, the force’s Public Relations Department yesterday confirmed to Stabroek News that the post mortem was performed hours after Singh’s lifeless body was found by a city council worker.

It is believed that he was killed at another location, shortly before his body was found, and then taken and dumped in the section of the cemetery close to the old landfill side.

His hands were tied behind his back and he was in his underwear and a t-shirt.

Reports are that there were visible signs that the businessman was tortured before he was killed.

Singh was snatched by two gunmen from his business place at Foulis, Enmore, East Coast Demerara last Saturday night.

A senior police official told Stabroek News that there have been no new developments or leads in the case but ranks are working around the clock to kind the kidnappers/murders.

The official said too that a woman who was held after a cell phone number was traced to her, has been released from police custody.

Friends of the family had told the media on Sunday that Singh and his wife were closing their business when two men jumped out of a bus and walked into the business establishment posing as customers.

They eventually brandished weapons and proceeded to assault Singh and his wife.

The men then reportedly took the day’s earnings, demanded the keys to one of the couple’s vehicles, put Singh in the trunk, and drove off with him. One family friend said that the man’s wife rushed for another vehicle and tried to follow her husband’s captors, but did not locate them.

Police gave a different version of events, stating that investigations indicated that Singh was in his motor vehicle PFF 982 in front of his business place when his wife observed two men entering the vehicle which then drove off.

Shortly after the kidnapping, Singh’s wife was contacted and a demand for $50 million for his release was made. The kidnappers made contact with the woman on several occasions and the ransom demand was later reduced to $25 million.

This newspaper was told that the man’s family was having some difficulty coming up with the sum of money. Based on reports the last contact was made with the man’s wife early Tuesday morning.

Singh’s family have opted not to speak to the media. His wife and 13-year-old son have since vacated their home at Hope West, Enmore. Since the kidnapping both Singh’s home and business place have been shut tight and the gates padlocked.

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