D’Urban St murder accused for retrial after jurors split on guilt

Anthony Morrison, who was on trial for the murder of his common law wife, will have to face a retrial after a jury failed to return a unanimous verdict on his guilt yesterday.

As a result, Morrison was remanded to prison by Justice Navindra Singh, who was presiding over the trial at the High Court.

Morrison is accused of the 2012 killing of Donna Thomas at their apartment in D’Urban Street, where her body was discovered in a pool of blood facedown with several stab wounds.

Donna Thomas
Donna Thomas

After deliberation for four hours, members of the 12-member jury emerged out of their chambers and told the judge that their decision was divided. Eight of them found Morrison not guilty while the others found him guilty of murder. Morrison was then remanded to prison to await a retrial.

He was represented by attorney Onassis Granville, while Natasha Backer presented the state’s case.

Morrison had given an unsworn statement denying that he gave the police any statement or telling them that he had cut Thomas. He also accused the police of beating him.

Thomas is alleged to have been killed on the morning of May, 25, 2012, during an argument with the accused. Neighbours had reported that Morrison used to demand money from Thomas whenever she received her salary, and this may have allegedly caused the fatal argument. Thomas was employed as a security guard for the Professional Guard Service.

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