Labourer accused of assaulting partner with iron

-after refusal to have sex with him

A labourer accused of assaulting his partner with an iron over her refusal to be intimate with him was yesterday remanded to prison after strong objections were raised to his being released.

Shawn Peters, 35, of 183 Callender Street, Albouystown faced two charges when he made an appearance before Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court 2. The man was accused of unlawfully assaulting his girlfriend, and threatening her. He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

According to Prosecutor Deniro Jones, on April 13, Peters went to his girlfriend’s Charlotte Street home and demanded to have sex with her. However, the woman declined. Peters is alleged to have become annoyed and to have dealt his mate several hits with an iron, and then threatening to murder her.

Prosecutor Jones objected strongly to bail, expressing fear that Peters might tamper with the woman if he is released on bail.

He further said that the offence was indeed a serious one.

As a result, Peters was remanded to prison until May 20, when the case will be called before the Chief Magistrate at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court 1.

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