$10,000 bail for ‘Cash Money’ over stolen DVD player

A man was on Thursday placed on $10,000 bail after he was charged with larceny when he appeared before Magistrate Geeta Chandan Edmond in Court 10 at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

It was alleged that Sherwin Benjamin known as ‘Cash Money’ of Lot 100 South Better Hope, East Coast Demarara duped Constable Carla Lewis of the Legal Affairs Ministry into handing over her friend’s portable DVD player to him.

Lewis gave evidence stating that on April 5, she gave a portable DVD player to Benjamin, who she said she knew only as ‘Cash Money’ after he falsely pretended that he had been sent to collect same by the owner of the DVD player, Dwayne Young.

Young, who Lewis said gave her the DVD player to charge, approached her shortly after asking for his device to which she responded that she gave it to his friend, ‘Cash Money’. She said the following day that she was approached by a police officer who told her that the Station Sergeant at Brickdam Police Station wanted to see her. She said she went to the station and gave a statement to which she signed her name.

Benjamin, who is a vendor, told the court that he had a 12-day-old baby and pleaded for his bail to be reduced from $10,000 to $5,000 because he was poor and that was all he could afford and that he was suffering in prison. The magistrate refused his request on the basis that it was reasonable bail and that he has an early trial date of April 23.

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