Police grateful for support for Impact Albouystown Project

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has expressed gratitude for the support it has received since the Impact Albouystown Project (IAP)—through which it is working towards making the community safe—was launched.

GPF in a press release also moved to dispel stories published in the daily newspapers of searches being conducted in the bags of school children who were on their way to school and added that schools were already closed when the IAP was launched.

The GPF said it was encouraged to take the initiative because of the developments that had taken place and the support received since the IAP project was launched on April 11.

The IAP seeks to improve the safety level in Albouystown through law enforcement services and social intervention activities, working in partnership with a number of stakeholders including the religious and community leaders of Albouystown, according to the release from GPF.

As a focal point, in keeping with law enforcement, the release said, heavy emphasis will be placed on gun crimes and would therefore necessitate foot patrols and stop and search exercises.

Police patrols in Albouystown which commenced on April 12 have seen seven men being arrested and charged with narcotics related offences with a total of 188 grammes of marijuana being involved. In addition, an unlicensed .45 pistol was recovered during an attempted robbery on a business place in the area, according to the statement.

It was also stated that the perpetrator involved in the attempted robbery also opened fire on police ranks but nevertheless was arrested and will be charged shortly.

However, since the recent arrests as a result of the IAP programme, no serious crimes have taken place in Albouystown thus far.

Also, GPF disclosed that 60 children from the Albouystown community between ages 7 to 16 years commenced a Foundation Course in Information Technology yesterday at the Guyana Police Force Zara Computer Centre at Eve Leary, in keeping with the thrust to assist youths of Albouystown.

It was further stated that transportation to and from classes will be provided for the students.

A cosmetology training programme is also scheduled to start on April 22 for a number of women from the community and will be held at the Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship.

GPF expressed gratitude for the support received from the business community aimed towards the implementation of IAP. The release said donations of cash, computers, food items, cosmetics and garbage bins have been received.

Pledges were also made by others in the business community, including monthly donations of 10,000 pounds of rice by a rice miller, which GPF says will go towards a feeding programme currently being conducted by the religious community in Albouystown.

Also, a pledge was made by another businessman to donate $200,000 worth of cosmetics in aid of the cosmetology training programme and other activities on a monthly basis, the release said.

A steering committee comprising senior police officers and leaders in Albouystown community will also hold monthly meetings, the GPF said while adding that a significant part of the force’s efforts in the initiative is aimed at the empowerment of youths in the area.

The GPF said it expects some resistance from persons who benefit from crime in the community.

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