Four couples bonded to keep peace after alleged Easter assaults

Four couples were on Tuesday bonded to keep the peace when they appeared in a city magistrate’s court to answer separate assault charges.

Christopher George and his wife Karen George, Melinda John and her partner Godfrey Lowe, Rawle Cappell and his wife Trisha Cappell, and Kevin Dickie and his common-law wife Latoya Tappin all made appearances in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court 10 before Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond.

In some cases, indications had been made that at least one party did not wish to continue with the matter. However, Magistrate Chandan-Edmond insisted on proceeding with all of the domestic violence charges. In the case of the Georges, both parties were charged with unlawfully assaulting each other on April 20 at their 4668 Roxanne Burnham Gardens home.

Though Christopher George had initially pleaded guilty to the offence, his plea was changed to not guilty after he explained that he had accidentally fallen on his wife during an argument between them. Karen George pleaded not guilty when given an opportunity to do so. The magistrate expressed serious concern over the couple’s living arrangements and ordered that the man remove himself from the household. The man, who shares five children with his wife, stated that he would stay with his mother until the case’s completion.

Christopher George was placed on $10,000 bail while Karen George was released on self-bail. They were both bonded to keep the peace.

Dickie, 25, and Tappin were also charged with assaulting each other on April 20 at their shared residence at 199 Lodge Housing Scheme. Tappin also denied that she damaged a pair of sneakers belonging to Dickie on the same date.

According to Dickie’s lawyer, there had been a misunderstanding between the two and from there an altercation ensued, which resulted in his client being stabbed with a pair of scissors.

The attorney added that Dickie and Tappin, who share a four-year-old child, were trying to resolve the issue. In the meantime, Tappin will be living with her mother and arrangements for their child’s living situation are to be determined. The duo was placed on self-bail and bonded to keep the peace.

Meanwhile, John was charged with unlawfully assaulting Lowe on April 20, at Callender Street, Albouystown. She denied the charge when it was read to her. She also denied that she, on the same date, threatened Lowe.

The 33-year-old Albouystown woman explained that she was a mother of three and was unemployed. However, she said, “The man [Lowe] does look me.”

John was released on her own recognisance. Finally, the Cappells were also charged with unlawfully assaulting each other on April 18 at D’Urban Street, Lodge. Both sides denied the allegations when they were put to them. No objections were raised to any of the couples’ bail by Prosecutor Jomo Nichols.

All four of the couples will return on May 12 for the commencement of their individual trials. In the meantime, they were all bonded to keep the peace.

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