Melanie woman struck down on Water St

A woman was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital last evening where she was eventually admitted after she was struck down by a motor vehicle in the vicinity of Muneshwers on Water Street.

31-year-old Nerissa Issa of 169 Melanie, East Coast Demerara was writhing as she cried out for pains in her back and hip regions, while waiting to be treated in the hospital’s Triage area.

The pain was so intense that tears flowed from her face as she struggled to explain to her relatives the details of the accident which is said to have occurred around 19:00 hrs.

When Stabroek News visited the hospital the woman’s family still did not have the full details of the accident, including the exact location it happened. Issa’s sister told this paper that she received a call from Issa who told her that she had been hit in the vicinity of Muneshwers.

Nerissa told her relatives that after the car had hit her, its driver, a woman, reportedly attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by persons who witnessed the incident.

Issa also reportedly told her relatives that a male passenger of the car attempted to take the blame for the accident; saying that he was the one driving when the accident occurred.

However, persons who witnessed the accident maintained that it was the woman who is culpable. The woman was in police custody up to late yesterday evening assisting with investigations.

Relatives also complained that Issa was made to wait much too long before she was tended to. The injured woman’s sister said an hour passed before she received medical attention. They were even contemplating taking the woman to a private hospital when they were told that a doctor would be with her shortly.

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