Absent witnesses continue to plague prosecution’s case in Carolan Lynch inquiry

The prosecution once more reported difficulties locating witnesses when the preliminary inquiry (PI) into the murder charge against former beauty queen Carolan Lynch continued yesterday.

The PI is to determine whether there is enough evidence for Lynch to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of her husband, Farouk Razac, whom she is accused of killing in 2007.

Two more witnesses, general surgeon Bob Ramnauth and forensic analyst Superintendent Stephen Greaves testified yesterday.

Ramnauth was the person to pronounce Razac dead while Greaves was tasked with the forensic aspects of the investigation. Both men were cross-examined by Lynch’s lawyer, Peter Hugh.

Following the men’s testimonies, the names of the remaining witnesses—Denise Taylor, Gregory Melbourne, Eon Peters, Princess Bizzette, Sean Belfield, and Lawrence Wayne— were called. However, there were no answers or appearances.

Prosecutor Bharat Mangru made an application for two weeks’ adjournment to allow the prosecution more time to secure its remaining witnesses. Though several attempts at communication via summons and radio messages had been made, securing the six witnesses had been futile, Mangru said. However Mangru, pointing out the nature of the matter, opined that the application was not an unreasonable one.

But Hugh raised strong objections to another adjournment and urged the court not to grant Mangru’s request. Hugh noted that since Lynch had turned herself into police custody in January, the prosecution had been making every effort to gather witnesses.

“What else can the Guyana Police Force do to secure these witnesses?” Hugh asked. “And if there is more, why haven’t they done it already?”

Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry indicated that the prosecution could be asked to close its case if the witnesses continue to be absent. The prosecutor’s application was nevertheless granted. Following the decision, Hugh revealed that he would be making a submission on the next court date and hoped that the prosecution would be able to answer to it.

The PI was adjourned to May 12.

Lynch was first charged in May 2007, after her husband’s body was found on the floor of their Eping Avenue, Bel Air home. In late December 2007, the woman was released after no prima facie case was established against her at a PI.

She was subsequently recharged in October 2010, but was not in the custody of police until January this year, when she turned herself in in the company of her lawyers. The current PI began on April 1.

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