Handyman opts for community service after Stabroek Market dumping

A handyman was sentenced to 30 hours community service after he admitted in a city court yesterday, to dumping garbage at Stabroek Market.

Trenton Nedd agreed with the City Constabulary’s case that on April 27, he deposited waste at the Stabroek Market tarmac.

Nedd explained that he threw some of the waste he deposited alongside the garbage bin after it was filled. When Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond informed Nedd of the option of performing community service or serving 20 days imprisonment, he quickly responded, “I gon do the community service.” He added, “Since I does already do them work.”

Subsequently, the Magistrate ordered that Nedd perform the community service at the Stabroek Outpost from 9 am to 3 pm daily, except on holidays and weekends.

City Constabulary Officer James Garnett presented the prosecution’s case.

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