Shocked man still hospitalized, accident victim recovering at home

The Sophia resident who was shocked while attempting to retrieve a kite stuck on a utility pole on Wednesday last, is still an admitted patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) nursing severe burns about his body.

Clinton Charles, 20, fell off an electricity pole in front of his house at approximately 10:00 hrs, minutes after he left to fly his kite.

His mother, Beverly Williams, who witnessed the incident, had expressed thanks that Charles survived. She had told Stabroek news that Charles, decked in silver jewellery had ventured up a 30 ft power pole to retrieve the entangled kite when he was shocked and plummeted to the wet soil unresponsive.

A neighbour performed Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for about five minutes, before Charles responded and his mother immediately called for a taxi to transport him to the hospital.

Williams told this newspaper during a telephone interview yesterday that Charles was in high spirits, though in pain.

Meanwhile, the Haslington resident who was struck down on his way to work on Wednesday last was released from the GPH yesterday.

Jermaine Bernard, 25, was riding his motorcycle at the time of the accident and sustained a burst head; he also complained for pain about his body. Relatives had told Stabroek News that doctors’ reports revealed no broken bones or other serious injuries.

Yesterday Bernard’s reputed wife said he will continue his recovery at home. She said Bernard was still unable to speak, given his partially swollen face and that he will assist the police in their investigations, through a statement and in whatever way he can.

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