Repeat offender gets four months for sticky fingers

Damien James, a repeat offender, will be serving a four-month prison term after admitting to the theft of a spray can.

James, who admitted to stealing the can from the yard of Stanton Haley, attempted to explain his actions to Chief Magis-trate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. He told the court that on April 9th, his shoulder was injured and knowing that Haley’s wife was a nurse he went into their yard with the intention of seeking medical help.

However, he added that when he entered the yard he saw the spray can, which reminded him of the time he worked with the City Council. He claimed that he didn’t know what happened but said that his “hand get sticky” and he picked up the can.

James, realising that the people in the house were aware of his presence, jumped the fence and was caught while attempting to hide. James, who had been fined for similar offences in July and December of last year, claimed that he only stole from the people because they were nice. He also apologised to Haley as he was being escorted from the courtroom.

According to Prosecutor Michael Grant, James also stole a tool kit, a hose nozzle and a smaller spray can, valued at $22,300 in total, from the residence in Roxanne Burnham Gardens.

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