‘Smoke man’ jailed for stealing helmet

Mahesh Sarjoo

Caught red-handed stealing a helmet, self-described “smoke man” Mahesh Sarjoo was yesterday sentenced to three months in prison.

Sarjoo, 25, who appeared in court before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, pleaded guilty to a simple larceny charge but begged the magistrate not send him to jail as he had only just finished serving a nine-month sentence two weeks ago.

Sarjoo said that he was a “smoke man” and needed to find a way to sustain his habit. With regard to his actions, Sarjoo said that he knew “it bad.”

According to Prosecutor Michael Grant, Sarjoo, who did not have a fixed residence, was caught-in-the act stealing the helmet on Main Street. The helmet, which belongs to Sean Sankar, was recovered by a policeman in the area.

Sarjoo did not accept this account, claiming that Sankar caught him in the act, took the helmet and proceeded to hit him in the head with it.
He was subsequently sentenced.

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