Jailed for stealing from Charlestown school

Maraj Jagnarine was yesterday sentenced to serve six months in prison after he was caught red-handed stealing items from Ketley Primary School.

Jagnarine, who appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, admitted to breaking into the primary school in Charlestown on the 29th of April and stealing a total of $22,000 worth in items, including stationery, a bed and a fan.

Maraj, however, denied a second charge which implicated him in the theft of three gallons of paint belonging to Elias Howard. It was later discharged and Jagnarine was reprimanded for his actions.

Maraj Jagnarine
Maraj Jagnarine

According to Prosecutor Michael Grant, Howard was the contractor overseeing the re-construction of the school. He said that on the day of the theft, at around 5am, the security guard who was making his rounds observed Jagnarine stashing the items in a corner by the fence. He then summoned the police and Jagnarine was arrested.


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