Chopped Haslington woman recovering

Lomattie Ramdat, who sustained several chop wounds about her body during a suspected robbery attempt at her Haslington home on Friday morning, is recovering at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

When Stabroek News visited her at the hospital, she was being guarded by a police officer. The woman sustained chop wounds to her head, face, arms and thighs after, she said, two men broke into the home she shared with her husband, who was also chopped and succumbed to his wounds.

Ramdat, a mother of two is recovering well but is unable to walk. One the morning of the incident, it was reported that Ramdat left her home and went to her neighbour’s home and told her neighbour that she and her husband had been attacked by two masked men.

Anita Goberdan, Ramdat’s sister, said she did not know whether any arrests had been made in relation to the matter. “When we ask to the police if we can clean the place and if anyone was arrested, them say that they can’t do anything until Tuesday because of the holiday weekend,” the woman said.

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