Serious police reform needed to change culture of brutality – Granger

The recent shooting of a teenaged boy in his mouth by a cadet officer, is a clear indication that police brutality still exists, Opposi-tion Leader David Granger has noted, adding that only serious police reforms can change this culture.

“Police brutality does exist and the evidence is there for all to see. APNU has insisted that the police be reformed. So before embarking on programmes like the Project Impact Albouystown, police need to be retrained, better supervised, they need to be better paid and why this has not happened is because of a lack of political will on the part of the Minister of Home Affairs,” he said during a recent interview.

Granger told Stabroek News that enough attention is not being paid to good everyday police duties, the removal of corruption, the removal of harassment and the enforcement of the law. He said one of his main complaints about the project was that it would “stigmatize a particular community rather than paying attention to the….