Sisters accused of property damage, assault at Mahdia nightclub

Two sisters, accused of damaging close to $1 million in equipment and assaulting a patron at a Mahdia nightclub, were placed on bail after they appeared in a city court yesterday.

Abiola Calder, 37, and Claudine Calder, 48, denied that they, on May 1, at the Baksh Nightclub, damaged a DX 200 Driver valued at $225,000 that belongs to Rajcumar Singh. The sisters also denied that they, on the same date, at the club, damaged $612,000 worth of equipment; a $500,000 Yamaha Keyboard, an MP Camera valued at $37,000 and three microphones valued at $75,000 all property of Troy Miller. Additionally, they denied that they assaulted Miller, causing him actual bodily harm on the same date, at the said nightclub.

The court heard that the damage to property, was the result of a misunderstanding the Calder sisters had with Miller at the nightclub.

Attorney Adrian Thompson, who represented the Calder sisters, asked for reasonable bail, which was granted after no objections from Police Inspector Michael Grant.

Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry subsequently placed the sisters on $50,000 bail for each damage to property charge. For the assault, causing actual bodily harm charge, they were released on their own recognisance.

The matter was later adjourned and transferred to the Mahdia Magistrate’s Courts, where it will be called on July 14.




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