Camp St prisoner caught with ganja in anus

-gets three years added to sentence

A Camp Street prisoner has had his stay extended by three years after he was caught trying to smuggle 40 grammes of cannabis hidden in his anus into the prison.

Odinga Edwards was already serving a 54-month-long sentence for robbery when he tried to smuggle the drugs into the facility on April 24.

He was slapped with a charge of possession of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking and admitted to the crime when he appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman yesterday.

According to Prosecutor Joel Ricknauth, on the date in question Edwards had been returning from the Ministry of Home Affairs, where he performs labour. On his return, he was stopped and stripped-search.

During the search, the man was ordered to squat and a four-inch plastic bag in cylindrical form fell out of his anus.

He was asked whether there were any more hidden bags and he admitted that there was one more concealed cylinder. The substance contained within the bags were later weighed in Edwards’ presence and amounted to 40 grammes.

Edwards will begin his new three-year sentence following the completion of his present sentence in December. He was also fined $10,000 for the offence.

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