Son gets community service after stealing from mother

Facing imprisonment for stealing from his mother, a young man was yesterday given community service instead after the woman told a city court that she had just wanted to teach her son a lesson.

Samuel Archer, 19, immediately admitted that he had stolen a $45,000 speaker box from his mother, Rhonda Rowe when the charge was read to him.

It was the police’s case that on May 7, Rowe secured her home and left for work. However, while at work, she received a call which prompted her to return home. On her arrival, she noticed that the speaker box was missing.

Rowe went to the police and informed them of the missing item along with her belief that her son was the perpetrator of the theft. The youth was subsequently arrested and charged.

When the facts were relayed, Archer accepted them.

Magistrate Delon Bess noted that the young man had placed himself at the mercy of the court by pleading guilty. The magistrate also asked the mother what sentence she thought her son should receive.

In response, Rowe asked that her son not be imprisoned. She explained that she had proceeded with the matter to teach the boy a lesson and warn him.

After a quick recess, Magistrate Bess ordered Archer to perform 40 hours of community service or serve an alternative of one month’s imprisonment. The teen has three months to complete his community service.

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