Tout accuses bus driver of unprovoked assault

Linden Allen, a tout who has accused a Route 31 bus driver of assaulting him, on Monday recounted what he claimed was an unprovoked attack.

The assault is alleged to have occurred on April 19 at the Route 31 bus park at Stabroek.

Allen, giving evidence before Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond, said that while he was gathering passengers for a bus, Danny DaSilva, whom he had never seen before, approached him and grabbed his collar and lashed the left side of his face with a cutlass.

He said he reported the matter to the Stabroek Police Outpost and was sent to the hospital to get a medical after he complained of pains.

However, defence attorney Dexter Todd, suggested to Allen that he had approached the window of DaSilva’s vehicle on the pretext of inquiring if he was going to the West Bank Demerara. He suggested to the man that he then stuck his hand into the bus, grabbed a sum of $4,000 and ran away.

Todd further suggested that DaSilva pursued Allen on foot. Upon DaSilva apprehending him, he added, a scuffle was initiated by Allen who was trying to escape. Todd suggested to the court that Allen only went to the hospital after causing a scene at the police outpost when DaSilva told the officers that Allen had stolen his money and asked them to search him. The matter was adjourned to today.

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